Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can't remember who we are or why we're here. —Sue Monk Kidd, 'The Secret Life of Bees'

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<p>After learning of my husband’s multiple affairs and years of deceit, I chose to transform my pain by surrendering to it and living in “real time.” I was a spiritual seeker and life-long storyteller, but could I rise above my own story of betrayal to gratefully embrace the present moment? </p>

Fiction: Hello Loved Ones

<p>It’s 1968 in Holland, Michigan, and Sally Van Sloeten wants to know why her father doesn’t love her. Her mother, sister, and brother call her dad a deadbeat and never want to see him again, but Sally vows to find him in time for a Father/Daughter banquet, even if it means running away with a gas station attendant named Cash. She doesn’t care that her brother Lenny was arrested for breaking Cash’s nose. She won’t let Lenny’s explosive temper stand in her way, and she’s too preoccupied to wonder what has him so angry. All she knows is that she has to be like the other girls, whether it’s at the banquet or in the front seat of Cash’s car. But as Sally realizes her dream, her mother reveals a painful secret that sends her spinning out of control. </p>

Kids: My Health Is In My Hands

<p>Kids enter the world with wonderful sensitivities but over time can lose their ability to trust their choices. By tuning into the energy around them and in their food, kids are empowered to feel their best on all levels: body, mind, and spirit. With the help of a friendly ant, a little girl named Genevieve walks us through her way of choosing a meal, letting her fingers lead the way.</p>

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I once had a thousanddesires, but in my (1)HELLO loved ones!

When I declared that February’s theme is LOVE, it was with an ‘oh won’t this be fun?’ attitude. After all, a more universal or more important topic doesn’t exist. There’s so much to write about!

Yikes. Now that it’s time to pin those those warm, wispy feelings to the page, my excitement has turned to fear. What is there to say that hasn’t been said? And what do I know about anything? I sit down to write and my palms turn sweaty. I need to go shower, get dressed, find a new hairstyle. I need to make myself better before I can venture out on the internet.

Hmmm…my date with the blank page is feeling a lot like, well, a date. How quickly the rosy glow of love and attraction is overshadowed by resistance and doubt.

Will I be the best version of myself?

How much of me do I dare to show?

Will you get me?

I’m a dreamer and romantic, and I know, like John Lennon says, that I’m not the only one. For us dreamers, the desire to know and be known, to share and connect, yes, even to sometimes draw hearts and flowers in the margins of our journals, pulls us through. So I’m willing to push past the fear and dive into love, because, above all,  I desire to know you.

So, with the brilliance and beauty of the poet Rumi’s words lighting our path, I hope you’ll share your stories and comments about love this month, either here or on my Facebook page. I hope you’ll share in my infatuation, which is defined as foolish or unreasoning passion.

Let’s be foolish together.

Because love lives in an energy of lightness, fun, and joy. So rather than seek any answers in this thing that permeates our souls, propels us forward, and brings us to our knees, let’s laugh a little. Let’s cast shy glances at it, and wonder at its possibilities.

Let’s be in love. With ourselves. And with each other.

Big kiss:)

And stay tuned for this upcoming theme:

We are hungry for stories, but often we’re so busy digesting others’ tragedies or comedies, we forget to consciously author our own lives. How to rewrite your life so that you play the role you are here to play.






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